Open House Art Show and Sale

Our 10th annual Art Show and Sale is happening this coming November 15 and 16th. It amazes me how we can build up enough paintings to fill the entire house with new original artwork, and we managed to do so again this year. So come on out to experience our home, life and art. We are also lucky enough to have Steve Sawchuk play his classical guitar at our show as well! Here are the details:

Opening Night Friday Nov. 15, 7-9:30pm, Saturday Nov.16 10am-5pm Free Admission and Parking (on street) 511 Saint James Street

Feel Free to email if you have any further questions!

Here are a couple of images one from Peter and one from myself…. for the weeks leading up to the show we will be giving you a sneak peak at what will be at the show… so keep your eye out!

Home County Folk Festival

We wanted to let you know that we will be at this year’s Home County Folk Festival. It is a fun weekend of good music, tasty food and beautiful arts and craft.

The festival starts Friday evening (July 19th), and goes until Sunday night (July 21st).

We’ll have lots of new paintings for you to look at and a bunch of new print reproductions.

We’d love to see you all and catch up with all our friends and customers!

Art on the Street, Guelph Ont

Peter and I have been spending time in the studio, enjoying these spring colours blossoming all around us. Tomorrow we are setting up for an outdoor art show in Guelph Ontario called “Art on the Street” . We highly recommend checking it out not just for our art but for the whole show. There are lots of inspiring artists there! So here is a peak at a few pieces Peter and I will have at the show!

London Artists’ Studio Tour

We’re doing the London Artists’ Studio Tour again this April 26th to 28th. It should be a fun weekend with lots of visitors and plenty of new great paintings. We’ll have our friend Steve Sawchuk over to play guitar and lots of great treats too.

Please get in touch if you have any questions……

Here are some of the paintings we’ll be displaying for the show:

Summer Grove, 11″X14″
Silver Maple, 36″x48″
Little Lawn, 11″x14″
Creek Rocks, 12″x16″
Sunlit Trees, 12″x12″
Young Poplars, 12″x24″
Beach House, 24″x12″
Little Bird, 12″x12″

Sneak Peek

A sneak Peek at the newest artwork!  Our home and studio are full of artwork that we have been working on for the past few months.  So come and get inspired and enjoy the art, music and hot tea.  Next Friday, 16th 7-9pm, Saturday 17th 10-5pm

2018 Open House Art Show and Sale

This is going to be our 10th Annual Open House Art Show and Sale!

For each week we will post a few new paintings for you to look at.  These pieces will be the newest work that will be hanging in the show.  Three by Corinne Garlick and three by Peter Karas:

Original oil painting, wildflowers, 12″x12″, Corinne Garlick Original Oil Painting, Grass Field, 12″x24″, Corinne Garlick Original Oil Painting,Cliff Trees, 24″x48″, by Corinne Garlick Original Oil Painting, snowy town, 12″x36″, by Peter Karas Original Oil Painting, Stairway, 18″x24″, by Peter Karas Original Oil Painting, Snowy Rooftops,16″x20″, by Peter Karas

Home County Folkfest 2018

Another year has gone by and we’re back to the park this weekend for the 2018 Home County Music and Art festival. We both have completed a bunch of new paintings, both in the studio and out in the field. (We took a week off to go to 3 Mile Lake in Muskoka and completed a number of pieces “up there”.

If you’re not too busy, and want to catch some great music in the park – why not swing by and see what we have been up to……

Here Are some of our pieces that you could see at Home County:

By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Magnolia, 9×12By Corinne Garlick, Orignal Oil, Night Nest, 9×12By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Morning song bird, 24″x36″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Standing Tall Birch, 12″x24″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Spring Apple Tree, 12″x24″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 8″x10″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 11″x14″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Birch Trees, 11″x14″ SOLDBy Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Sparrow, 8″x10″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Across the Lake, 24″x24″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 26″x16″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 8″x10″, SOLDBy Peter Karas, Original Oil, Little Cabin, 11″x14″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Inbetween the Houses, 11″x14″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Lakeside Cabin, 16″x20″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Headlands and Beach, 36″x48″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Glowing Clouds, 11″x14″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 12″x14″, SOLD

By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Big Skies, 4″x8″


London Artists’ Studio Tour 25th Anniversary

PrintWe’re proud to again be a part of this year’s London Artists’ Studio Tour. This year marks 25 years of “studio touring” in London.

We’ve had a busy winter, with lots of big projects and renovations to our new (old) home – but we have still managed to be able to make a number of great pieces for you to view (and take home). This year, you can come by and see our new studio – it’s in the garage/shop of our home. (It’s an odd room – it served for many years as the office of a home based plumbing contractor. When we moved in there were heaps of antique plumbing fixtures everywhere, an old desk and even an old large bank safe. The pictures pinned up on the walls have been there for many, many decades.)

We would love to see you all, if you can make it out for the Tour. It runs from Friday, April 20th, through to Sunday April 22nd. Here is a the tour Website, if you need any further details.