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Month: September 2014

Plein Air Summer, and a Fun Weekend in Blackfriars

Plein Air Summer, and a Fun Weekend in Blackfriars

Join us for a fun Saturday of painting in Blackfriars this weekend! Saturday September 20.

Along with the Blackfriars Community Association, and the Gallery Painting Group (which Peter joined last year), we’d love to invite you to “Painting Blackfriars”.

Held this Saturday, and running the day, both Corinne and Peter will be painting on location, along with about 40 other painters. The idea is this – come down, enjoy the neighborhood, see artists at work, and if you like bid on the paintings as they are painted. At the end of the day the newly painted works will go on display with a bunch of other paintings that painters in the group have completed over the summer.

Starts at 9 and ends about 4. Please feel free to come on by, it’ll be fun! Below are some of the paintings that we’ve done outdoors over the summer.

P.S> If it rains, we’ll do it on Sunday!


“Cherry Street, Early September” (Corinne painted this one as a warm-up for Saturday’s paint in. I love the flowers in the foreground.)

“Cherry Street” (I painted this one in late July, it was my first plein air painting of the summer.)

“Near Thamesford” ( Corinne painted this one in mid August. It was a beautiful day, and this tree was on a hillside north of Thamesford.)

“Corinne Painting” I painted this one as a quick sketch after my main painting was done for the day – took me about 25 minutes. (It’s okay, but it has made me want to get better at painting the human form with confidence, something I normally shy away from.)

“North Of London” This is Corinne’s first plein air of the season. A tree north of the city near Arva.

“Ausable Channel” We went camping with our friends Christina and Andrew, and their kids this summer again in the Pinery. It’s a fun time and it’s very laid back – nobody minds if I slip away and do a painting for a few hours.


“Ausable Channel II”    Got this one a day or two later. I’m pretty happy with the water and reflections in this scene.

“Massey Harris” I went to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village with the Gallery Painting Group and got these vintage tractors. I like how this one turned out, and have since done some more of these views of older machines.



New Carved relief work…

New Carved relief work…

I have been working on this piece for the last little while – it’s a carved, low relief painting on pine with matching carved frame detail. Was a bit of a challenge getting the frame all figured out, it involved a bit of bandsaw and router work to make it right, and that’s before the carving and painting.

Hope you like it!