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Month: February 2021

New Print Available

New Print Available

We’re excited to introduce a new reproduction by Corinne, “Doidge Park Sledding“.

Doidge Park is a park in Old North, London Ontario. (The neighbourhood we call home). It’s a magnet for people of all ages, but especially comes alive in the winter after a snowfall, when hundreds of children come out for the steep inward facing slopes that make for excellent sledding.

The original piece was an oil on canvas sized at 24″x30″, but it has sold. A number of people in the neighborhood had asked if they could get a print so here it is!

Some New Artwork

Some New Artwork

Well, it’s been a hectic last few months, despite being shut away in our homes from the pandemic. We’ve been busy!

Here are a few new pieces that we’ve made in between so many commissioned pieces of art.

Smokey Hollow Falls Trail, 36″x48″, Oil on Canvas, Corinne Garlick.

Available for purchase here.

Another piece that I had fun with was this one. A nice coastal village with houses and bridges. I went back into it after it was “done”, because it needed something extra. I added a clothesline, flag and some other small details to make it come a bit more alive.

Little Island Village, 24″x36″, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas.

Available for sale here.