Less than a week until our art show!

Less than a week until our art show!

We hope everyone is having a great fall season! Peter and I have been preparing for a couple of shows coming up this November that we are excited to let you know about.

One is our annual Open Studio Art Show and Sale, November 17th, 6-9:30pm and 18th, 10am-5pm, located at 511 Saint James Street London Ontario. Our home will be filled with our newest art and a few new prints for you to see and enjoy. Along with our talented friend Steve Sawchuk preforming classical guitar, it is such a gift to have him be a part of show. 
The second show is happening at the Framing and Art Centre at 371 Horton St E, the show will be up November 2nd with the Open House Event happening November 16, 5pm-8pm. All new original art will be showcasing here as well in a gem of a space! 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Here’s a snapshot of the art we have at Framing and Art…..

A very busy Autumn Season…

A very busy Autumn Season…

We’ve been busy making art and teaching the last number of weeks here – it’s been very active time filled with painting in the studio, and teaching art in the classroom.

Our studio is filling up with artwork for our upcoming Studio Open House on November 17th and 18th. We have been painting lots of exciting new pieces for that show, and we’re excited to show everyone those pieces

As well both of us have been teaching art in the community – Corinne at Westland Gallery and Peter at Fanshawe College. It’s been a time filled with teaching new artists the fundamentals of art making.

Summer Festival Season

Summer Festival Season

We’ve had a busy spring! This April, after our yearly Studio Tour we have been busy working on commissioned paintings and on our own artwork in the studio. The time has really zipped past and we now find ourselves in the summer season! Which means Festival Time…..

We will be exhibiting at the Home County Music and Art Festival (July 14th-16th). We love going to Home County as it has a nice relaxed atmosphere (without the overwhelming crowds of Sunfest) and it has some really nice music selection that is enjoyable for all ages. It’s a time for us to meet many friends and acquaintances that we don’t see too frequently – it’s a great time to catch up and hear what people are up to. We really spend nearly the whole weekend chatting with friends! (Oh, and sell a few paintings too!)

Rondeau Marsh, 20×20, Oil on Canvas, Corinne Garlick
Hill Tree, 8×8, Oil on Panel, Peter Karas
Phlox Flowers, 9×12, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick
Looking Across, 8×12, Oil on Panel, Peter Karas
A Friendly Look (Portrait Study), 11×14, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick
Komoka Stream, 11×14, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick
London Artist Studio Tour 2023

London Artist Studio Tour 2023

It’s time once again for the London Artist Studio Tour. This year there are 19 individual artists on the tour, so there is a lot to see and experience. Corinne and I hope to see you there!

April 28th (Friday) 7-9:30, 29th (Saturday) 10-5, and April 30th 12-5

Brochures are now available around town at locations like the Public Library, Tourism London and lots of other “arts-friendly” locations. You can also get all the details at londonstudiotour.ca

Busy New Year

Busy New Year

It’s already February – we’ve been busy painting for the last few months since our show. Swamped with commission pieces and getting ready for the London Artist Studio Tour in April.

Corinne has taught a workshop with Westland Gallery, and Peter has one coming up with them as well in March. Also, good news – Peter is back teaching at Fanshawe this spring. (A watercolour class that will have a 10 week duration….please email if you’re interested.)

Save the date!!

Save the date!!

We are very much looking forward to hosting our Open Studio Art Show and Sale this coming November 18 and 19, 2022. Friday (Opening Night) 7-9:30pm and Saturday 10am-5pm. We have not been able to have one in two years because of Covid, we are so happy to be getting into a better flow of shows and interaction with the world. Luckily Steve Sawchuck (Mulon Bluze) will be joining us with his sweet classical accoustic guitar. The House and Studio will be filled with art and art lovers like you.

We will be posting our newest pieces on our website to give you a sneak peek and what you have to look forward to so keep your eyes out! Thank you and we hope to see you in November.

New Paintings for Summer.

New Paintings for Summer.

It has been a busy few months here in the studio, with many new pieces created and a good number of commissioned works finding new homes as well. We’ve both been busy at the easel, and with lots of other projects as well, including a trip to BC to help with a move. Here are a few pictures of some of the new pieces that we’ve been able to create for you! I will have them uploaded to our “For Sale” paintings in the next day or two.

“Show and Tell”, oil on panel, 9″x12″, Peter Karas.
Chatham Windmills, oil on panel, 8″x8″, Corinne Garlick.
Gibbons Parking Lot, oil on panel 9″x9.5″, Peter Karas.
“FacePaint” Series, oil on panel, 8″x10″, Peter Karas.
Child Reading, oil on panel, 8″x8″, Corinne Garlick.

We’ll be showing our work at the 2022 Home County Music and Art Festival in Victoria Park again, after a two year covid break. It should be fun to see lots of people from the community again, and hear all the great music too. Summer festivals are what really make London “come alive” for the both of us, and it is always great to see everyone out enjoying our city.

A New Season…..

A New Season…..

We’re happy that spring has finally arrived in the last few days; it’s been a long and cold winter and we’re looking forward to the warmth!

We’ll be doing the Studio Tour again this year on April 22nd – 24th. We’ve made many new pieces for that show and we’re always excited for you to see them. (Many of our other outdoor shows are also back on again this year after a two year break, and we’re trying to sort out which ones we’ll be doing as the season progresses, but it’s nice to finally be able to get out and show our artwork again.)

Here is the link to the Studio Tour Website.

Here are some new paintings from the last few months:

Peony Bloom, 8×8, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick.
The Back Yard, 24×30, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas.
Richmond Tavern, 24×36, Oil on Canvas, Corinne Garlick.
Night Trees, 18×36, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas.
Gainsborough Cows, 8×8, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick.
October Fields, 8×8, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick.
Moonlit Lake, 24×24, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas.
Winter 2022

Winter 2022

Here are some paintings we have been working on for the last few months, themed around Winter and Snow.

Afternoon Winter Light, 15×15, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas
Sunny Cedar Grove – Winter, 8×8, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick
BlackFriar’s Bridge, 28×40, Oil on Canvas, Corinne Garlick & Peter Karas.

We both worked on the piece above. It’s a commission piece of Blackfriar’s bridge near downtown London, and it was a fun piece to work on together.

Pond Mills Stream, 18×36, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas.
Cypress Berries, 8×8, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick.
Snowy Night, 18×24, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas.

We’re both excited to be part of the Studio Tour again this year – and it’s happening during its regular April dates, so it’s happening pretty soon. Here is a link to the site.

We also added a new member to our family – Frankie. He is our new pup and we are all super happy to have him as a part of our home!