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Month: September 2020

Fall Update…..

Fall Update…..

It has been quite a busy time in the studio – COVID has not slowed us down one bit, (other than having our kids at home for the last five months!)

A typical studio day.

We both have been working on many commission paintings of various subjects, as well as our own artwork, and the studio is filling up as a result. We are going to attempt the London Artist Studio Tour (Covid Edition) this October 24th and 25th – despite some rising case numbers in the local area we’re hoping to do a “distanced” art show with masks and sanitizer galore. We’re currently planning a well spaced layout that encompasses our home, studio and some outdoor tents. We’ll also have plenty of opportunity for “one on one” studio visits by appointment both before and after the show…………. We’ll have to see what the future holds – it’s hard to plan an art show these days!

We’re also nearly done a “front of house” remodel – as many of you know I have been working on pouring my own concrete driveway for the last two summers. That project is finally complete and we also decided to spruce up the pathways and gardens in the front of our home – once you open this “can of worms”, it’s hard to stop. We purchased three large stones from “Stone Paradise” on Oxford Street here in town – one of which is a 1200lb obelisk – which took many hours and lots of sweat & blisters to erect in our garden.

Lifting the stone “obelisk”.
1700 square feet of concrete.
A new curved pathway.
Side path for access to the driveway, and more boulders.

We’ve also been busy painting – here are a few recently completed pieces: