Paintings by Peter Karas

Fall is a great time of year for us to get painting in the studio.  We are getting ready for our Annual Open House Show in November.  Here are a few pieces that I have already made for the show – stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.


“Night Winds”, 30″x30″, 875-dsc_2543

“Upwards”, 12″x24″, 390$

dsc_2549“Highview”, 12″x24″, 390$


“Hillside Night”, 16″x20″, 390$


“Colours of Life”, 24″x30″, 725$dsc_2534

“Pathways”, 24″x48″, 990$


“House Stack”, 11″x14″, 195$


“Lakeside”, 12″x16″, 225$


“Field Tree”, 24″x36″, 550-



Mural work!

We had a wonderful chance to paint the largest we have ever painted!  Pathways, a non-profit that helps people gain new skills to get back into the work world, bought a new building that needed a little splash of colour…… and they thought of us!  It took months to organize it all because it takes lots of people (the community and our family) to make something like this go well. Dulux donated all the paint and supplies, volunteers came out to help paint the first layer, and Cleanworks did all the clean up of the wall and anti grafitti coating. The results are wonderful!


Here’s the original watercolour mock-up that was selected to become the mural.



blogmural1 blogmural3 It took us a day to lay it out, with string lines, and light blue paint – we wanted the drawing to be easy to follow for the next step.



During this next phase, we had a group of really nice volunteers come and help us block in the basic colours and shapes. Our kids helped too – that’s Ivy up on the scaffold.

blogmural5 blogmural9

As the mural progressed Corinne and I took over and did a few days of hard painting in the sun. It’s a hot little parking lot!

blogmural8 blogmural6

blogmural7 blogmural14blogmural10

Here’s some of the folks that helped us make this a reality – Dave and Josh from Dulux /PPG, and Christine from Pathways. Thanks for all your help!

And here’s a couple of shots of how it all looked once it was complete –

blogmural12 blogmural11

If you’d like to see the mural – it’s at 195 Horton Street London Ontario, across from the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, near Labatt’s Brewery.




Summertime 2016

Just preparing for the Home county Music and Art Festival happening this weekend July 15, 16 and 17.  Incredible music and art there so if you are looking for something to do you want to check this out!

Here are a few pieces of art that Peter and I are going to have at the show!  So you will get a sneak peak!

coolnightdrycreekFieldtree littleoneLookingdown Northerntrees Rivertree sunnyday



London Artist Studio Tour – this week.

Well, it’s now just four days away from the Studio Tour – we’re busy cleaning out the house  and hanging up the artwork. There will be lots of new paintings to look at – Corinne’s landscapes and my house themed paintings.

We’ll also have our daughter Emma helping out on opening night – how she’s grown – pretty soon she may be making art herself!

Also for the weekend we’ll have our friend Steve Sawchuk here filling the house with beautiful guitar music.

If you can make it out this weekend we (and all the other Studio Tour artists) would love to have you visit.

Studio Tour website.


lookingup“Birches, Looking Up” 24×36″

onetreeField Tree, 12×12″


Through the Valley, 24×36″


Vista Heights 11×14″


Witty’s Lagoon, 6×8″


witty'slagoonWitty’s Lagoon, 6×8″



Kintail Beach, 24×36



Double House 12×12″



Twin Trees 16×20″
chicken1Chloe the Chicken (RIP) 11×14


bythewaterHilltop 16″x16″


4housesFour Houses 12×16″


Three Weeks till the London Artists Studio Tour!

The Winter season passed us by with no updates – we’ve been busy with painting, and making commissioned artwork for a variety of people. We’ve also been able to make an assortment of new work for the London Artist Studio Tour, which is just around the corner.(April 15-17th)

Here are a few new pieces that you will see if  you come and visit for this year’s Tour:

edgeofthefieldField’s Edge, 16×20″, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas

This was a fun piece, with a high vantage point and some variation in the houses. Nice and earthy, but bright also.
fromabove Houses from Above, 18×24″, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas

This piece has an extreme downward point of view, and three nice little cottages beside a lake.

hamiltonHamilton Escarpment, 36×48″, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick

Corinne and her friend took the kids to Hamilton last summer and visited this gorge and waterfall. A large work with lots of detail for the eye.




Emma & Kelly, 5×7″, Oil on Board, Corinne Garlick

A small study of Emma reading with the family pet.








A few new paintings…. before the show.

Things are “ramping up” here at the house in preparation for our Studio Show.

Peter is busy framing some new panel paintings, with lumber from his woodshop and will also be making a batch of new prints as well this week. We have a number of last minute paintings for the sale as well… have a look.
piano_handsThis painting has been “gestating” for a while now – in may we got a piano from Corinne’s mother, and the kids have been taking lessons. I have always loved the challenge of painting hands – they’re very much like portrait painting. Quite a challenge.

This piece measures 10×30″.fall trees

This painting is part of Corinne’s ongoing landscape series – these trees were down at the new trail off of Orchard street, near to the Coves. (Corinne’s new fave walking spot.) 🙂

It is a 12×16″.

From AboveThis piece is from the imagination. I sketched out a few houses with the thought of flying overhead. Lots of overlapped diagonals, and the warm/cool colours. And boats! Have been painting few boats lately, so this piece needed boats. 24×30″

autumn goldThis painting is from that same area of the Coves – it’s a lovely little walking trail, perfect for kids and dogs and getting subjects to paint. It’s a decent sized painting at 24×30.



Our Studio Art Show and Sale…. This Friday.

2015_show_posterIt is always an exciting time getting ready for our Open Studio Art Show and Sale.  On our poster is all the information you need to know, but if you have any questions at all please feel free to email us!  This year we have lots of new artwork to feast your eyes on , a special guest fiber artist Sue Ann Yamamoto,  our friend Steve Sawchuk playing incredible classical accoustic guitar and lots of goodies to enjoy….. So come on out and invite your family and friends.  It will be a show you will not want to miss 🙂

Getting ready for our Studio Show…..

Corinne and I have both been keeping quite busy painting this fall; both our own work and a number of commission pieces also.

Here’s a sampling of new work that has passed across our easels in the last month:


Corinne has been making a lot of larger format landscape work lately, like this one of birch trees, looking upwards. 36×48″



Here’s another – a view along the path at Mazinaw Lake. It’s quite large at 40″x60″.




Here’s another, this time by Peter. A bit of an experiment, this one has more loose and flowing brushwork, and a bit of fun with “drip control”. 24×30″


This piece will look a little more familiar. I had fun with the graphic aspects of the picture – the sky especially. I have this one on display currently at this show.


Here’s another by Corinne, of a dry creek bed in Komoka park. Corinne has been getting all sorts of good picture ideas for her landscapes in our local parks. this painting measures 24×36″


Another fun piece – this one originally had a graveyard in the background – but it seemed a little too spooky to keep it in there. Looks better now I think! (10×30″)