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Peter Karas is a visual artist living in London Ontario.
New Print Available

New Print Available

We’re excited to introduce a new reproduction by Corinne, “Doidge Park Sledding“.

Doidge Park is a park in Old North, London Ontario. (The neighbourhood we call home). It’s a magnet for people of all ages, but especially comes alive in the winter after a snowfall, when hundreds of children come out for the steep inward facing slopes that make for excellent sledding.

The original piece was an oil on canvas sized at 24″x30″, but it has sold. A number of people in the neighborhood had asked if they could get a print so here it is!

Some New Artwork

Some New Artwork

Well, it’s been a hectic last few months, despite being shut away in our homes from the pandemic. We’ve been busy!

Here are a few new pieces that we’ve made in between so many commissioned pieces of art.

Smokey Hollow Falls Trail, 36″x48″, Oil on Canvas, Corinne Garlick.

Available for purchase here.

Another piece that I had fun with was this one. A nice coastal village with houses and bridges. I went back into it after it was “done”, because it needed something extra. I added a clothesline, flag and some other small details to make it come a bit more alive.

Little Island Village, 24″x36″, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas.

Available for sale here.

New Painting

New Painting

Corinne just finished this piece, “Bruce Trail Day Hike”, after a recent trip to the Hamilton area. This rock formation, and many other beautiful scenes are in “Smokey Hollow”, a recreation area near Waterdown Ontario.

Bruce Trail Day Hike, 8″x18″, Oil on Canvas 275.00

For Sale Here

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for everyone’s love and support. Peter and I are truly blessed to be able to have the life we have. This is our 20th year making our living from our art!! We are looking forward to 20 more 🙂

If you would like to see the available paintings check them out here on our website under the Available paintings page.

London Artist Studio Tour

London Artist Studio Tour

October 24th-25th

October 24th and 25th mark the dates of a special, “made for 2020” London Artist Studio Tour. We have been painting all spring and summer and have many exciting new paintings for you to see.
As part of our pandemic precautions we are making all studio visits by appointment only. To make this a bit easier, we have a sign up service that you can book online by following this link:

We will also have all our paintings and prints available online on our newly redesigned website ; a preview of all the paintings will be available for viewing and purchase on Wednesday October 21st.
Due to the current circumstances we understand if you can’t make it out – let us know if we can accommodate you in some other way – we are happy to book studio visits outside of the show dates, or help you with a special commissioned painting idea too.
Corinne Garlick & Peter Karas

New “Paintings for Sale” Section.

New “Paintings for Sale” Section.

As part of our ‘COVID-19’ upgrade, we are now offering our paintings for sale online (through Shopify). We’ll be adding our most recent paintings just before the show, on Wednesday October 21st. If you’d like an online preview of what we will have available for sale during the London Artist Studio Tour (Oct 24-25) please check back then.

We’ll be offering a socially distanced show this year, with a larger indoor/outdoor viewing area, private showings before and after the show weekend, and of course the paintings will appear here as well.

Original Artwork – Peter Karas

Original Artwork – Corinne Garlick

Fall Update…..

Fall Update…..

It has been quite a busy time in the studio – COVID has not slowed us down one bit, (other than having our kids at home for the last five months!)

A typical studio day.

We both have been working on many commission paintings of various subjects, as well as our own artwork, and the studio is filling up as a result. We are going to attempt the London Artist Studio Tour (Covid Edition) this October 24th and 25th – despite some rising case numbers in the local area we’re hoping to do a “distanced” art show with masks and sanitizer galore. We’re currently planning a well spaced layout that encompasses our home, studio and some outdoor tents. We’ll also have plenty of opportunity for “one on one” studio visits by appointment both before and after the show…………. We’ll have to see what the future holds – it’s hard to plan an art show these days!

We’re also nearly done a “front of house” remodel – as many of you know I have been working on pouring my own concrete driveway for the last two summers. That project is finally complete and we also decided to spruce up the pathways and gardens in the front of our home – once you open this “can of worms”, it’s hard to stop. We purchased three large stones from “Stone Paradise” on Oxford Street here in town – one of which is a 1200lb obelisk – which took many hours and lots of sweat & blisters to erect in our garden.

Lifting the stone “obelisk”.
1700 square feet of concrete.
A new curved pathway.
Side path for access to the driveway, and more boulders.

We’ve also been busy painting – here are a few recently completed pieces:

Some new work for April.

Some new work for April.

Here are a few new – and available for purchase artworks. Have a look!

Due to the Covid-19 thing we’re working on developing some online sales capability. Although it isn’t up and running yet, expect that to appear sometime in the coming month.

Thanks! Peter and Corinne

Night Beach……A new 16×20 oil.
Magnolia Blossoms…..a 24×24 oil.
Shore Houses…. 24×36.
Night Lines…… a 12×12 oil.


We thought we would take the time to let everyone know how we are managing with the COVID 19 isolation period. We have postponed our annual London Artists Studio Tour to Oct 23-25, when it happens this show will be amazing as all of the artists on this tour will have time to make incredible art to share. Like most people we have postponed workshops, classes, mural painting and art shows . We spend our days in our studio painting and being with our two girls. We feel lucky to have a roof over our heads, food on our table, our health, friends and family. We will take this time to be creative, push our artistic boundaries and enjoy living our simple life. We hope that you too can find a good rhythm of living in this time, stay healthy, and connected.