About Peter

Peter Karas is a visual artist living in London Ontario.

Home County Folkfest 2018

Another year has gone by and we’re back to the park this weekend for the 2018 Home County Music and Art festival. We both have completed a bunch of new paintings, both in the studio and out in the field. (We took a week off to go to 3 Mile Lake in Muskoka and completed a number of pieces “up there”.

If you’re not too busy, and want to catch some great music in the park – why not swing by and see what we have been up to……

Here Are some of our pieces that you could see at Home County:

By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Magnolia, 9×12By Corinne Garlick, Orignal Oil, Night Nest, 9×12By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Morning song bird, 24″x36″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Standing Tall Birch, 12″x24″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Spring Apple Tree, 12″x24″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 8″x10″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 11″x14″By Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Birch Trees, 11″x14″ SOLDBy Corinne Garlick, Original Oil, Sparrow, 8″x10″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Across the Lake, 24″x24″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 26″x16″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 8″x10″, SOLDBy Peter Karas, Original Oil, Little Cabin, 11″x14″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Inbetween the Houses, 11″x14″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Lakeside Cabin, 16″x20″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Headlands and Beach, 36″x48″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Glowing Clouds, 11″x14″By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Plein Aire Sketch, 12″x14″, SOLD

By Peter Karas, Original Oil, Big Skies, 4″x8″


London Artists’ Studio Tour 25th Anniversary

PrintWe’re proud to again be a part of this year’s London Artists’ Studio Tour. This year marks 25 years of “studio touring” in London.

We’ve had a busy winter, with lots of big projects and renovations to our new (old) home – but we have still managed to be able to make a number of great pieces for you to view (and take home). This year, you can come by and see our new studio – it’s in the garage/shop of our home. (It’s an odd room – it served for many years as the office of a home based plumbing contractor. When we moved in there were heaps of antique plumbing fixtures everywhere, an old desk and even an old large bank safe. The pictures pinned up on the walls have been there for many, many decades.)

We would love to see you all, if you can make it out for the Tour. It runs from Friday, April 20th, through to Sunday April 22nd. Here is a the tour Website, if you need any further details.


Project at the Children’s Museum

We were asked to do some  murals at the Children’s Museum here in London. Our dentists, Christy and Brock Nicolucci (Nicolucci Dentistry) were looking for a way of supporting the Children’s Museum and decided they’d like to have a mural/display done in the “Street Where You Live” section at the Museum – it’s the area where kids get to pretend to be Firefighters or work in the supermarket, all in “kid-sized” buildings.

We originally agreed to do the painted aspect, but after a last minute change of plans we were drafted to build the “facade” as well. So Peter built the structure of the dentist office and the furniture inside, and Corinne painted the exterior and interior. Dr Christy supplied the Dental chair, in a jazzy red tone and all the other dental related bits.

The build itself was pretty straightforward, although our recent move has made working in our new shop a bit of a pain (we just moved everything into the shop and it’s really cluttered and not set up for work yet). Corinne of  course had no trouble with the mural work – painting is what we do, after all.

We’re quite happy with the results, and hope children can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.




Email Troubles…..

Hi There,

If you’ve been trying to get in touch and not received a reply, it may be because we have been having trouble with our email lately. (Tech people are trying to figure it out currently).

It seems to be happening to Bell (sympatico) and Rogers emails primarily. If you need to get in touch and haven’t heard back from us just give us a call – at least the phone is still working!



Sneak Peek at a few of Peter Karas’s Art Pieces

Here are just a few pieces of Peter Karas’s newest pieces of art.  With all of the reno work he has been doing to get the new house/studio good to live in I am amazed at the amount of quality art Peter has managed to make for this up coming Open House Art Show and Sale.  Our new home will be filled with art….. I am very much looking forward to seeing it all up and together.  So don’t don’t forget the date and the New address  this is going to be a show you won’t want to miss:

Open House Art Show and Sale

November 17, 7-9:30pm,

November 18, 10am-5pm

511 Saint James Street, London Ontario






Annual Open House Art Show and Sale


Corinne and I are hosting our 8th Annual Open House Art Show and Sale.  Each year we open our home to the public to experience our newest paintings from the summer/fall season along with our friend Steve Sawchuk playing classical guitar and home made goodies to taste.  This year we have moved to a new location in Old North, 511 Saint James Street, London Ontario.

We are excited to share our new home and the artwork that we have been working so hard toward. If you can make it out, we would love to see you!

Friday November 17, 7pm-9:30 and Saturday November 18, 10am-5pm 2017 511 Saint James Street, London, Ontario

Free Parking on the street

Feel free to email us if you have any questions at all.

I am posting some of Corinne Garlick’s newest art to give you a sneak peak at what is going to be at the show.  They are even better in real life.  Next we will be posting some of my new art.  So keep your eyes out for them.

Take Care and Happy Fall!



New Home, New Studio!

So we have big news to share!  Peter and I moved into a new home/studio and we are so happy.  This home is a gem in the rough in a great neighbourhood and room to grow too…511 Saint James Street (Old North) London Ontario605650_1_002

Our new studio is so full of character.  It has not changed since before the 1930’s.  It is like a time capsule!!


Peter and I have been working hard preparing our home/studio for our annual November open studio art show and sale.  So mark your calendars for November 17 and 18 because this years show you won’t want to miss!


Summer Art Shows

Peter and I are heading to Guelph Ontario this Satuday to show our latest artwork at the “Art on the Street” June 24th.  It is a wonderful show filled with Artists that are sure to inspire you!

Art on the Street 2017 - FB Cover FinalHere are a few pieces of art from us to get a sneak peak at what is going to be at the show.DSC_2934

“Poppies in the garden”, 18″x18″, by Corinne Garlick


“Snowy village”, 12″x36″, by Peter Karas


“Hill House”, 30″x60″, by Peter KarasDSC_2929

“Along the Water’s Edge”, 36″x48″, By Corinne Garlick


“Summer Evening”, 12″x24″, Peter KarasDSC_2924

“Along the Path”, 16″x16″, By Corinne Garlick

The London Artists Studio Tour

Spring has sprung and the London Studio Tour is coming shortly!  Even though Peter and I have had our busiest winter yet we managed to make some incredible and fresh new paintings for you to look at!

Here is the Studio Tour Website so you can get the details of the tour.  http://londonstudiotour.ca/

You will not want to miss this weekend (April 20, 21, and 22).  Steve Sawchuk will be there playing Classical guitar, some treats and drinks, and a house/studio filled with art.  There are also 35 other artists to check out and get inspired by.  This is the biggest Studio Tour London has had.

Here are just a few of our newest pieces of art for you to get a sneak peak at.  Thanks for having a look and we hope to see you at our home and studio!

There Are five images of Peter’s and five of mine (Corinne), all orginal oils paintings and will be showing at the tour: