Project at the Children’s Museum

Project at the Children’s Museum

We were asked to do some  murals at the Children’s Museum here in London. Our dentists, Christy and Brock Nicolucci (Nicolucci Dentistry) were looking for a way of supporting the Children’s Museum and decided they’d like to have a mural/display done in the “Street Where You Live” section at the Museum – it’s the area where kids get to pretend to be Firefighters or work in the supermarket, all in “kid-sized” buildings.

We originally agreed to do the painted aspect, but after a last minute change of plans we were drafted to build the “facade” as well. So Peter built the structure of the dentist office and the furniture inside, and Corinne painted the exterior and interior. Dr Christy supplied the Dental chair, in a jazzy red tone and all the other dental related bits.

The build itself was pretty straightforward, although our recent move has made working in our new shop a bit of a pain (we just moved everything into the shop and it’s really cluttered and not set up for work yet). Corinne of  course had no trouble with the mural work – painting is what we do, after all.

We’re quite happy with the results, and hope children can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.




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