Three Weeks till the London Artists Studio Tour!

The Winter season passed us by with no updates – we’ve been busy with painting, and making commissioned artwork for a variety of people. We’ve also been able to make an assortment of new work for the London Artist Studio Tour, which is just around the corner.(April 15-17th)

Here are a few new pieces that you will see if  you come and visit for this year’s Tour:

edgeofthefieldField’s Edge, 16×20″, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas

This was a fun piece, with a high vantage point and some variation in the houses. Nice and earthy, but bright also.
fromabove Houses from Above, 18×24″, Oil on Canvas, Peter Karas

This piece has an extreme downward point of view, and three nice little cottages beside a lake.

hamiltonHamilton Escarpment, 36×48″, Oil on Panel, Corinne Garlick

Corinne and her friend took the kids to Hamilton last summer and visited this gorge and waterfall. A large work with lots of detail for the eye.




Emma & Kelly, 5×7″, Oil on Board, Corinne Garlick

A small study of Emma reading with the family pet.