A few new paintings…. before the show.

Things are “ramping up” here at the house in preparation for our Studio Show.

Peter is busy framing some new panel paintings, with lumber from his woodshop and will also be making a batch of new prints as well this week. We have a number of last minute paintings for the sale as well… have a look.
piano_handsThis painting has been “gestating” for a while now – in may we got a piano from Corinne’s mother, and the kids have been taking lessons. I have always loved the challenge of painting hands – they’re very much like portrait painting. Quite a challenge.

This piece measures 10×30″.fall trees

This painting is part of Corinne’s ongoing landscape series – these trees were down at the new trail off of Orchard street, near to the Coves. (Corinne’s new fave walking spot.) 🙂

It is a 12×16″.

From AboveThis piece is from the imagination. I sketched out a few houses with the thought of flying overhead. Lots of overlapped diagonals, and the warm/cool colours. And boats! Have been painting few boats lately, so this piece needed boats. 24×30″

autumn goldThis painting is from that same area of the Coves – it’s a lovely little walking trail, perfect for kids and dogs and getting subjects to paint. It’s a decent sized painting at 24×30.



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