Never a dull moment

It has been a wonderful summer balancing our two girls and sharing working in the studio. We had lots of interesting commission work this summer and shows too.  One of the most interesting things we got  to do though was Peter getting to be filmed painting for a TD bank training video.  We set up at the Arts Project in London Ontario and had it all done in one day!  We can’t wait to see the finished piece.  It was really great getting a chance to get a glimpse of what the London film world is like. Dwight, Gary and Greg also produce feature length films through their company Matchbox Pictures – pretty cool!

So now that our commission work is complete for a little while we are back in the studio full time, the kids are in school and loving it.   We get to really focus on our next show which is our own Open House Art Show this coming November 20 and 21st!!!    peter being filmed-blog peter being filmed2-blog