Some new paintings…. in anticipation of the London Artist Studio Tour.

Here are some new ones….. done over the last few months. Finally took some pictures of these – today was clear and cold, and I had to lay these in the snow on the back porch to take the photos. Please excuse the occasional ice crystal that floated onto the paintings.

I am so looking forward to spring!

“Snowy Rooftops” Original oil on canvas by Peter Karas, 8″x10″, 125.00“Stacked Houses”, Original Oil on board by Peter Karas, Just SOLD!“Falling Snow”, Original Oil on Board by Peter Karas, 4″x19″, 150.00“Coffee Time” Original oil on canvas by Corinne Garlick, 8″x10″, 125.00“Birds on a Wire”, Original oil on canvas by Corinne Garlick, 6″x6″, 75.00“Great Day for a Picnic”, Original oil by Corinne Garlick, 4″x4″, 50.00

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