Three Days to the Studio Tour!


So it’s only a few more days to the studio tour and we are busy getting ready – here are some examples of what you may see if you decide to pay us a visit.

Peter has been making some fun and different 3-D works, and doing some interesting work with hand built frames.

Corinne has some lovely scenes of Wortley Village, and has been working hard on capturing beauty in the everyday life.

We welcome you to stop by our home this weekend and have a chat and have a look at our newest work. See you soon!

New Paintings for the Studio Tour!


More to come tonight!  Just thought I would post a couple of exciting pieces that Peter and I just finished (still a bit wet but will be hanging in the show!)  Peter’s is a layered wood painting… three layers of wood deep!  Beautiful use of colour!  My painting is of a local scene in Wortley Village.  I am just loving trying to capture everyday life!

Hope you enjoy them!